in estate planning

Too often, well intentioned Business Owners & Professionals don’t “get around to” understanding what will happen to their assets and the taxes on those assets when they are transferred to their next generation. The Laws of Intestacy, CRA’s “default plan” and confusion are not what most of us want for our families. We can help identify valuable planning opportunities.

Wealth is created in business with much expertise, diligence and competence. Once it has been accumulated, what can you do to preserve your assets?

As Robitaille and Associates Inc. has grown, and our clientele of businesses matured, additional concerns began to surface: “How do I manage this wealth wisely?” , “What about passing these assets on to my next generation efficiently?”, “What will be the impact of Tax and Estate Administration?”.

Beyond Retirement Planning, Financial Security in Estate Planning is a process where our attention turns to the significance of our wealth and what we want to hold for our next generation and/or the charities we want to see ourselves benefitting. But where to start?

How well this transition of wealth is planned for will have an impact on the sentiment surrounding the capital that is left behind. Mindfully preserving family values and living productive lives can be supported in this way. Involving children sooner rather than later could be the best gift of all.

Discussions involve:

  • Wills, Values & Intentions
  • Estate Administration, Probate & Expenses
  • Capital Gains Exemption
  • Tax effective planning for assets to be transitioned to your next generation

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